Miroir Noir

Spain Art Painting

Miroir Noir is a four-handed, pictorial collaboration between Miloš Kopták (Žilina, Slovakia, 1969) and Rai Escalé (Barcelona, Spain, 1964). This project started in August 2007 as an attempt to update -and pulvertize- the darkest of Spanish and Slovakian traditions together with their national icons: Goya, Velázques, Saura, the Golem, Kafka, Báthory, Vachal, Franco, Stalin…

Initially, Kopták and Escalé focused on delving deeper into the limits of portraiture as a common principle of plastic expression and starting point for the project. The first meetings used fierce Expressionism as principle and tool for their shared vision, but soon the sum of conceptual and technical resources clearly revealed the possibilities of merging visions and techniquesm and of researching a new range of plastic resources that immediately started to take shape during the first series of the project.

All of this has led them much further than initially ecpected, expanding the original field of common experimentation into other territories which have been built up into new series.