Maria Rozalia Finna

Illustration Latin inspiration Painting

Maria Rozalia is a Melbourne based artist. Her work explores femininity, through psychedelia and surrealism as well as themes of intuition, fertility and the sensitive relationship of the female psyche to nature. Her characters are often anthropomorphic embodiments of natural, physical and esoteric concepts and entities. Through her creative process she shapes abstract and esoteric ideas and beings into living, visceral forms. Throughout her work, Maria engages with wordplay to form narrative syntheses and bring new characters and worlds into being. She connects disparate objects through word association, fusing high-art aesthetics with a low-brow sensibility towards language. She challenges the conventional conceptual approach to art expounding, a visceral, expressive form of surrealism that eschews pretension and illusory cleverness for originality, substance, and heart. Maria’s work re appropriates pop culture icons, transplanting familiar characters and stories into psychedelic and surreal states and scenarios and augmenting the inherent surreality and absurdity of pop-culture. She takes inspiration from a range of sources, from traditional children’s illustrations and fantasy, to 80’s animation. Her oeuvre forms an eclectic pastiche, spanning from saccharine psychedelia to muted, ethereal strangeness.