María Platero

Spain Photography

María Platero (Madrid, 1976) combines her personal projects with working in cultural management and as a freelance photographer. She was part of the creative team of Fanzine 10 x 15, a magazine dedicated to photography, as an editor and curator. The project participated in several photography and visual arts festivals, conferences, workshops, portfolio reviews, etc. Also worth mentioning is her role as the photographic coordinator and part of the Editorial Board of Input Art Magazine.

In her work she is attracted to the possibilities of critical reflection on the conventions and protocols associated with the construction of reality of life in society. Even when that involves passing through silly proposals.

She is interested in topics such as the lack of sense of things, what is strange and what is normal, the human vulnerability or the ridiculous condition we all share. And specially in that human necessity to order what is possible, in knowing how these hierarchical and systematic ordinations of how things are or how things should be affect our understanding of reality, underlining the absurdity of the established conventions that regulate our life.