Mara Corsino

Italy Photography

Mara Corsino takes her subjects and spectators into a timeless journey through her portraits and polaroids. Transporting us to exotic locations, from a magic carpet salesman in 1973, an industrial studio in Berlin ca. 1982 to even chasing the ghost of a lost lover in Lake Como during the early 20s.

She’s cemented her visual language throughout three specific types of photography Portraits, Fashion Documentray and Fashion – without losing the essence of powerful femininity seen throughout her work.

She is also the founder of HAUTE FOOD, an annual dedicated to the liberties and pleasures of nutrition. Curating a unique run through of music, fashion, literature, and photography, Mara is able to continue her photographic dedication through the communication of two of the most carnal pleasures in life: beauty and food.

Her collaborations include Vogue Paris, Haute Food, Open Lab, Crust Magazine, Hunter, Fucking Young and Oh Comely as well as a consistently working hand in hand with Milanese designer Lucio Vanotti. She splits her time between New York City and Milan.

San Juan de Puerto Rico. (Puerto Rico)