La Clinica

Italy Architecture Handmade Industrial Designer

La Clinica

In the belief that changes are possible with relatively small design actions, in 2010 Ciszak Dalmas launched “La Clinica” a collection of handcrafted furniture produced by local artisans based in three different parts of the world: Madrid (Spain), Turin (Italy) and Sao Paulo (Brazil). La Clinica is based on the interaction between young designers and experienced artisans, which combines new ideas with centuries-old know-how. The result is three different collections made from the same design and produced differently according to the local traditions and material resources.

Each piece is made from solid wood (part of it comes from reused resources) and painted with water-based colors. They are designed to be completely dismountable, lowering the costs of shipping and storage. Our furniture has a much lower CO2 footprint thanks to the efficient use of natural materials and following the rules for a correct use of forest resources, that means using wood which is programmed to be cut and replanted. Madrid c/ de la Arquitectura 11 28005, Spain +34 913 54 51 01

Turin via della Rocca 21 10123, Italy +39 347 13 90 235

São Paulo Rua Jeronimo da Veiga 164, 04536-000, Brazil +55 11 7027 7022