Jorge Rodríguez – Gerada

Cuba Art Illustration Street Art

Jorge Rodríguez – Gerada  is a Cuban-American Contemporary Artist.  (1966), Cuba. He grew up in the United States. Rodríguez-Gerada predominantly creates his work in urban spaces on a large scale. He was a founding member of the early ‘90s New York Culture Jamming movement first with the group ‘Artfux’ and later with the ‘Cicada Corps of Artists’, during which he launched interventions upon billboards and public advertising. By 1997 he was beginning to move towards working solo. In 2002 Rodríguez-Gerada moved to Barcelona where he focused on the large-scale ephemeral charcoal drawings of his Identity Series. He then developed the Terrestrial Series; ephemeral earthworks so expansive as to be visible from space. Other ongoing projects include the Identity Composite Series, and smaller artworks he calls Fragment Series, Urban Analogies, and Memorylythics.