Inès Longevial

France Painting

Born in 1990, Inès Longevial grew up in the South-West of France. Eldest of her siblings, she would always rush for her canvas rather than through the fields. A cherished timeless moment for this dreamer, who would otherwise challenge her professors’ authority.


After a degree in Applied Arts, she moved to Paris aged 23. Across massive oil self-portraits, the warm colors of her childhood are reborn. Under the influence of the masters of the early 20th century, she draws her inspiration from the light, nature and fashion. There is much more than meet the eye to her seemingly mute characters, which reveal themselves to be multiple and mystic, through a kaleidoscope of sensual shadows.

After exhibitions in Los Angeles, Berlin and San Francisco in 2018, she will present her new works in Paris in March, 2019.



Morgane Giulani