Ilona Szwarc


Ilona Szwarc who currently lives in Los Angeles, received her Bachelors degree in Photography from School of Visual Arts in New York, later on, she continued pursuing her Masters at Yale University in New Haven, which she successfully completed in 2015.

Her work is truly beautiful, and we are very pleased to feature another project from Ilona. In the ongoing portrait project, reasonably titled Rodeo girls, Ilona has been exploring the community of girls competing in rodeos, capturing the essence of their strong character, despite their young age.

“Rodeo Girls” is a series of portraits of young girls from Texas who compete in rodeos. These individuals are engaged in activities that traditionally were reserved for men, they posses great physical strength and demonstrate their dominance over animals.These girls face limitations in expressing their femininity and they transfer of it onto animals, which are very well groomed and pampered. They grow up according to a male archetype and I am examining how their lives and identities are shaped by their surroundings.