Horacio Quiroz

Mexico Illustration Painting

Based in México City. After working for several years in advertisment industry, He began his self-taught painting studies in 2013.

He graduated in Graphic Design from Universidad Iberoamericana, following this he worked for nearly twelve years as Creative Art Director various renowned international advertising agencies, such as Publicis México and Zeta Advertising.

Thus, over the last four years he has launched hisself on a new career path, experimenting with various self-taught techniques of pictorial representation, formats and themes, which have guided how he defines his vision and identity as an artist. This change in my life has given rise to deep personal introspection, closely linked to what now shapes my body of work.

His work is a reflection on the human condition, linked intimately to my psychological and therapeutic evolution. He views the body as a mechanism that not only functions physiologically, but as an emotional vessel that contains our entire temporal and spiritual history. In this way, the body perceives matter and space, through which it learns to experience its own humanity.