Fabio Zanino

Italy Painting

Fabio Zanino grew up in Italy and Spain, spending time with Andalusian artists who stimulated his imagination and guided him through the development of his historical empathy. Zanino’s stylistic initiation passes through the interest for metamorphosis of material which results in abstraction of rhythm and movement. The first sculpture dates back to when the artist was 8 years old, it is a revised version of a flamenco dancer, made with iron wire and plaster. This work of art shows the meeting between lightness and harmony, halfway between heaven and earth.

The choice of materials used by the artist in his works is rooted in a recherche du temps perdu. The stylistic research by Fabio Zanino leads us back to an urbanneo-primitivism, satisfying the artist’s need of a sauvage aesthetic to recreate models and concepts that justify the reality.

An important element in Zanino’s style is the concept “Contexture” (context, background + texture), or de-contextualization of a texture. It is during his childhood that the artist began to work on the first Contexture but only travelling in Saharan Morocco and Libya Fabio Zanino’s aesthetics will encounter its landscape.