Diego Lazzarin

Italy Illustration Painting Sculpture

Born upside-down in 1979. I’m both a giant and a baby.

After studying Scenography at Brera Art Academy at the age of 25 I started creating music videos and animated short movies.

In 2015 I released my first Graphic Novel “Aminoacid Boy and the Chaos Order”: a Fanta-Autobiographic story about an alien sent on earth by his Lord to understand the behaviors of humanity.

In 2016 I created an interactive webcomic called “Bubbles and Guts” which only exists in the dark-web and speaks about a dog and a spirit in space.

In 2017 I spent three months in Vietnam participating to +0: an international art residence in Cu-Chi (Ho Chi Minh).

I am currently painting carnivorous flowers living in mental gardens. creating monstrous sculptures, masks and illustrations.