David Palumbo

Illustration Painting

“I’ve always held a fascination with narrative images.  Discovering and interpreting stories and information through pictures is a way to bypass the constraints of language and communicate on a more direct level.  An idea expressed as an image becomes adaptable to every person.  In my paintings, I don’t seek to tell stories but rather to suggest them.  To translate emotional memories and nostalgias into the tactile and tangible.  To render my figures and landscapes like scenes from a dream.  Colors and forms melt together and extraneous details are lost.  Through open brush strokes and fragmenting textures, my narratives are put through a soft focus to encourage the viewer to participate on a deeper level.  I want the viewer to fill in all of the open questions with their own answers and discover a reflection of their own self, just as each piece began as a reflection of mine.”

David Palumbo.