Dara Scully

Spain Photography

Forest creature, winter child. I like birches and aspen leaves. In my other life, I was a white deer, a fox or a swallow. I’ve never flown. I drink milk tea and my favorite word is chrysalis. My heart belongs to Chopin and my body to the horses, but I’ve never ridden any. I read Jaeggy, Nabokov, Duras and Müller. I read because it saves me. Once, I had a black cat. In a parallel life I’m a pianist or ballerina, or maybe a Lewis Carroll little girl. I love poppy fields and blackberries in summer. If I have to choose a sound, I’d say: the wind shaking the branches of the trees. Or rain. I always wear dresses and man shoes. I’ve written since I was thirteen. I’m afraid of moths. I have six moles in my pale chest.

Dara Scully. Salamanca (Spain)