Portugal Street Art

Street art in Lisbon by the collective Crono.

‘Crono’ emerges from a commitment with Urban Art based on the premise that we are all as ephemeral as all our creations – a way of reflecting upon time and enhancing a new dimension of the city: the city as a living organism which is built and created in a spontaneous, natural and free way. It is within this dynamics of appropriation of Lisbon’s spaces that, over four stages which correspond to the four seasons of the year, several commissioned paintings with an urban impact and the registering of different environments of the capital throughout time will be carried out.

Artists: Blu, Os Gemeos, Sam3, Vhils, Caos, Rigo, Arm (Mar & Ram), Francisco Vidal, Erica il cane, Lucy Mclauchlan, Nunca, Jr, Conor Harrington, Space invader, Bastardilla ..