Corine Perier

France Painting

Corine Perier was born in Paris in 1964, where she lives and works. Her surrealist paintings depict fantastic animals. Birds, wildcats, it’s a wildlife crossing, regardless of the laws of natural history, but with the greatest natural. Through her paintings, she deals with the contemporary problem of the disappearance of species on a planet in flux. She adds a touch of strangeness to her works, painting a dream world where fantasies and dreams live together. Influenced by the Flemish masters’technique,she paints in oil on wood panels in thin layers and glosses to get this smooth desired result.

She exhibited her artwork through many shows and galleries in France, UK, Belgium, Italia, Australia and USA. In 2011, she had her first solo show in Paris in the Galerie Montmartre/Espace Dali where she was exhibited since 2010.