Cecilia Ferraro

Argentina Illustration Photography

Cecilia Ferraro is a gentle, quirky and passionate visual artist born in Buenos Aires (1986), based in London. She has been painting and creating stuff ever since she was a child. Her work reflects on the observation of the nature, the origins of life and the realization of the impermanence and uncertainty of existence. Our life is just a parenthesis in the eternity. By utilizing these subjects she attempts to inspire the viewer to realign with themselves and their surroundings, and to explore the tension generated between the physical description of reality and fictional descriptions that involve the imaginative – or even hallucinatory – faculties. She wants to seize these contradictions and discover what lies underneath the surface, highlighting the invisible links that maintain universal connections. Her methodology, then, consists of a play between the created world and her own subjectivity by a process that is intuitive and spontaneous. Cecilia’s work will bring you in and out yourself, inside her and out again. You’ll witness the unspeakable ecstasy of being alive. It’s a celebration of life, always changing, always evolving.Lives and works in London.