Andreas Rocha

Portugal Painting

Digital Artist, painter from Lisbon.

Clients: Leading International Brick Toy Company (not allowed to use the name), Wizards of the CoastAxis AnimationGS Films BeijingSeven Lions, Grasshopper ManufactureFantasy Flight GamesPlastic WaxB-Reel, Roar Publishing, American GreetingsDigital Kitchen, Post PanicMichel Lafon PublishingOrion PublishingFuture Publishing, Phoenix Age (Castle Age)

Inspiration: Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back To The Future, Blade Runner, Willow, Evil Dead, The Ninth Gate, 80s, Feira Popular, Lisbon, Sintra, Drew Struzan, Khang Le, Craig Mullins, Artstation, ZX Spectrum, Fighting Fantasy Books